Kashful BariTitle : Kashful Bari

کشف الباری عما في صحيح البخاري (كتاب الوضوء)۔

Sheikhul Hadith Hazrat Molana Saleem Ullah Khan (rh)

Hazrat Molana Noorul Bashar Muhammad Noorulhaq

Publisher : Maktaba Al-Farooqia, Karachi.

Text Formatting (one volume only) : www.typo.pk

First of all we have formatted one volume only out of about  30 volumes (up until now). This volume is entitled as کتاب الوضوء. We have performed different tasks while  formatting. Since the text contains verses of the holy Quran and Hadith, hence we have had to be very careful while performing tasks.

This book is not only a detailed Sharh of Sahih Al-Bukhari but also a reference book. Most of all, scholars and students of Hadith have deep trust in this book.