November 9, 2017

About us

Typography is the place where you can get professional help for your book. We offer various services regarding typewriting and formatting Arabic or Urdu book.

You may want to hire us if you answer “Yes” to one or more of the following statements :

– I have never typed Urdu, Arabic or Persian content before and have no idea what I’m doing.

– I have got my book composed in Inpage and now i want to convert it to MS Word Document.

– I have typed my book in MS Word but i am not happy with Urdu font kerning.

– There are Verses of the Qur’an and hadith in the book. I want them to look like traditional text as they appear in other professionally performed books.

– I have footnotes in the book. I cant handle them on the right place.

– My book has side-headings / side-notes, i don’t know how to do this job properly.

– I have typed the book by other composer and am not happy with his / their service.

– I have typed my book and looking forward to format it so that it meets the standards of publishing.

– I need some cool ideas how to make my book more adorable.

How it works!

First we loot at the manuscript and discuss with client matters related to layout and design, then we decide the pattern of work and start working.

First send us the manuscript. It can either be a hard copy or a soft copy. A soft copy is acceptable whether it is scanned or raw images taken using a mobile camera.

In between the job is in process we are in contact with the client, whether sending sample work or receiving suggestions.

After getting the job done, we send proofs, as per requirement. Client proofreads it, does corrections and editing. Again sends it back to us. And now we do the amendments.

When we are done, we send you the final print-ready proof to take it to the printer. This proof may vary according to the needs of our client. The document can be a high resolution PDF document or a print on butter paper.